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What We Do

Veritasi Homes was established in 2015 and has spent the past year marketing and developing it’s maiden real estate project – Starcity Gardens.

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing is a field that we have a proven track record. Understanding that delivering great sales is a function of good communications, well profiled target audience and a network of sales consultant we have built overtime is a leverage for property developers that would engage us.

Real Estate Development

Our experience in property development spans across commercial to residential real estate. Veritasi Homes is active in a number of real estate developments delivering on residential spaces in Nigeria alongside building its reputation as a business.

Real Estate Investment

Making the right real estate investment has to come from an informed choice. In order to get the best return on investment for clients we make sure that our recommendations are data driven and this has established our brand as the go to business for real estate investment consultancy in Nigeria.

Discover Our Best Deals

We are a team of experienced developers committed to developing great properties and generating excellent returns for our investors.

Our Blog

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