Veritasi | 7 Reasons Why you should Own a Property at Silverton Gardens 1 Arepo
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7 Reasons Why you should Own a Property at Silverton Gardens 1 Arepo

7 Reasons Why you should Own a Property at Silverton Gardens 1 Arepo

Owning a home in Lagos, Nigeria can be a daunting tasks. With a population that has continued to increase at an alarming rate, the demand for housing units continue to increase. With a population of over 20 million people, Lagos is the fourth most densely populated cities in the world.

As a result of these, there is a serious hike in accommodation prices, hence, as a resident of Lagos, you need to own a housing unit within or around Lagos. The upper class can easily afford this but the rising middle-class and lower class would find it difficult to.

Veritasi Homes, developers of Starcity Gardens, Silverton Gardens 1 Arepo and Silverton Gardens 2 Shimawa  is a world-class real estate development company that is dedicated to creating homes for both the low and middle-income earners in Nigeria.

This passion drives Veritasi in everything it does from marketing, advisory, developmental services and other services offered across the real estate value chain. Veritasi Homes has extensive experience in the property development business and it has continued to enjoy patronage from members of the investing public since the successful launch of its maiden developmental project in Lagos.

Veritasi Homes launched Silverton Gardens 1 Arepo to cater for individuals interested in owning a property outside of the highly congested Lagos. We have listed a few reasons why you should own a property at Silverton Gardens 1 Arepo.

  1. Central location

The Silverton Gardens 1 Project is located in Arepo town, a small and thriving community off the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, after the Berger bridge. It is quite close to Magodo/Alausa secretariat – about 10 minutes apart. This estate is designed to have a very serene neighborhood and it is central to a lot of popular places such as; Alausa, Ikeja City Mall, and the popular Citiview estate.  With this project, residents will get to enjoy an uplifting and stunning community that is different from the stress and bustle faced in the city of Lagos. The estate is bordered by the Redemption Camp, Glasshouse and St. Nicholas Hospital Cooperative making it quite central and easy to get in and get out of the estate.

  1. Lots of Social Amenities

Veritasi Homes invest in projects, providing adequate social amenities such as electricity, water, and good roads. The Silverton Gardens Project in Arepo comes with a good road layout, street light, electricity, interlocked road and perimeter fencing on the properties. It has been designed with the necessary amenities needed for residents that desire to live in a peaceful environment.  

  1.  Scenery

The interlocked roads, proper drainage, perimeter fencing, street light, and gated community all combine well to create a beautiful scenery. It is a community of its own that feels out of this world. It is quiet and peaceful and very spacious (not clustered) and is a good environment for a great family home.

  1. Affordable Payment Plan

There is a instalment payment plan which is easy to work with. The available instalment plan options are 3 months, 6 months and 12 months for land plot sizes that ranges from 300 sqm to 500 sqm. You will have a registered survey and C of O after payment and lots of other features that are simply breathtaking. Making payment now allows you to enjoy the current promo price which can be made outrightly or with any of the instalment plans available (3 months, 6 months or 12 months plan)

  1. Great Investment Opportunity

With land only appreciating in value, this makes this a great investment opportunity for the savvy investor who wants to invest for the long term as home ownership generally appreciates in value over time. The payment plan is affordable, with options for a landowner to pay within 3 months, 6 months or 12 months depending on preference. You can make an outright payment for the land that you desire, which allows you to take advantage of the current promo price.

  1. Secured Environment

Due to the location of our projects in Arepo, you will generally feel welcomed and secured living in these areas as they share borders with some important institutions such as the Redemption Camp, which is home to millions of worshippers as well as Glasshouse and St. Nicholas Hospital Cooperative. Arepo has seen a huge influx of residents ever since the government took the security of the area serious to stop the threat of oil bunkers and other criminal activities that once disturbed residents.

  1. Home Ownership

We can go on and on about why our projects in Arepo are smart investment opportunity for you but the major reason why you should even consider is it to be a homeowner. You won’t have to deal with any landlord or get a fine for placing your generator at a particular location. With the Silverton Gardens project, you will finally become a homeowner with the power to decorate your home as you like without interference and more importantly, your family will have a place they can call home.

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